Luxellence S.A. is a boutique firm pursuing investments in various fields of activity, including industrial and commercial companies, real estate, as well as information technology and intellectual property. While placing our focus on the markets in Western Europe, our attention is growing with respect to investments in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, we remain open to exploring investment opportunities outside the main hubs in Europe. In doing so, we commit ourselves to identifying the essence of assets and pursue activities with diligence, care and passion.


At Luxellence S.A., we strive towards performance comprising any act required to achieve investment targets set. In doing so, we make resources available and are well equipped to identify, analyse, evaluate and invest in assets.

The expertise and excellent network that we have established over decades of being active in the international private wealth arena and investment banking allows us to perform and get the relevant acts together in order to increase the value of our portfolio.


While screening the markets for investment opportunities and pursuing investments in the fields of interest, we remain focused, alert and on the forefront in order to expand our portfolio and gain further ground on the markets. Doing so, we leverage our extensive experience to go beyond the obvious and constantly aim at surpassing standards.

Luxellence S.A.

32, rue Marie-Adélaïde
2128 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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